Bearing the Brilliant Prospects name is an honor as well as an obligation for us

Precious Metal Plating – Brilliant Technologies for Decorative Applications.

The vacuum thin film coating technology supporting our everyday life.

Precious metal salts, solutions, anodes and crystals from silver, gold and platinum group metals.

We are working with competent partners worldwide to guarantee best service.

You’re selective; so are we

We offer a complete service; the supply of precious metal replenishment salts and anodes, process chemistry, plating equipment as well as refining spent solutions and scraps. This provides a "one-stop-shop" enabling customers to reduce complexity and the number of suppliers..

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Our Technical Service Team,

located in the facilities worldwide, is on call and equipped to provide rapid response to specific customer queries as well as on-site installation support. If you have a precious metal issue, your local contact will activate our global technical resources to provide a solution. Providing the optimum solution for a customer's needs is a paramount objective for any Advanced Coatings.

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